Faster Internet And Better Phone Service

    Commercial Tenants Demand More Speed!

    Property Managers are connecting tenants to the fastest wireless internet and qualifying for a free internet hotspot in their building.

    New Data and Voice Options for Local Property Managers

    Maximize the performance of your commercial tenants by connecting your properties to the ZTelco Wireless Fiber Broadband network, at a fraction of the cost. Give your business tenants something to smile about.

    Download our brochure for property managers and qualify for a free internet hotspot in your lobby or gym »

    No Drilling or Digging Required

    Say Goodbye to the Construction Guy!

    Get faster internet and better phone services to your building without the construction required from traditional installation methods.

    Vector-404-errorWhile most companies can connect you to fast internet, a significant amount of cabling, drilling, and digging is required. The result is a damaged building, broken asphalt, and construction costs seeping into your monthly bill. ZTelco eliminates the construction costs because there is no need for construction. 

    Keep your tenants connected and your building in-tact. 

    Don’t rely on your tenants to hire outside contractors for their data needs. Work with only one vendor you trust to honor your building.

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    Phone and Data Solutions for Multi-Dwelling Units

    Multi-dwelling units offer a unique opportunity for property managers. 

    Improve the infrastructure of your building today. Download our brochure for property managers»

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